Paterson Public School Entrusts A+ to Make Schools Safer

January 16, 2015: Bay Shore, NY: – A+ Technology & Security Solution, a leading system integrator specializing in the convergence of physical security, advanced IT and audio/video solutions, has been contracted by Paterson Public Schools to assist in a comprehensive security upgrade. Paterson Public School District, New Jersey’s third largest with over 29,000 enrollment, faces many of the problems common to diverse, urban districts. While seeking to accelerate student achievement, it must also grapple with providing a safe, secure environment for learning.

A+ Technology’s initial work with the District focuses on six school properties, where over 400 megapixel, IP cameras are being installed, providing high quality surveillance video of school grounds, building exteriors and interiors. These include a combination of camera models from AXIS Communications and IPVIdeo Corporation. Video is transmitted to SentryVMS network video recorders (NVRs), which allow live and recorded surveillance video to be viewed, searched, managed and archived. An additional SentryVMS NVR has been installed at a seventh school which was already equipped with IP cameras but lacked a robust recording and management system. All IP cameras at schools operating on the SentryVMS platform can be viewed from a single interface, making it easy for school officials to provide broad-based surveillance.

Because of the high bandwidth demand of the upgraded system, A+ Technology is creating a parallel IT network exclusively to support the transmission of security video and data. The newly installed Alcatel-Lucent network will ultimately be used to support not only expanded video requirements, as cameras are added to more schools, but also provide support for integrated access control and other network-based security solutions that the District plans to deploy.

“We look forward to continuing our work to provide comprehensive solutions throughout the entire District,” said Peter Noonan, Sales Director at A+ Technology & Security Solutions.

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