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A+ Technology provides access control options

Access Control

Access control technology allows you to protect your assets and manage who enters your facility. There are many secure wired and wireless solutions to choose from. A+ can specify the systems that are right for you. Access can be granted based on several technologies, including by access card or key fob credentials, intercoms, turnstiles, biometric input(s), video surveillance, and more.

  • Protect people and property
  • Restrict who can access your facility
  • Keep a record of who accessed your facility, complete with when and where
  • Customized access credentials and levels of security for various personnel and authorized visitors
  • Flexibility to program access in accordance with varying criteria
  • Peace of mind is provided by notifications in the event of an unauthorized entry
A+ Technology - Commercial Training

Comprehensive Security Training

Integra Services is a comprehensive provider of all safety, security, and investigative needs for your organization. Integra is now offering programs for all of your employees; executives, administrators, supervisors, clerical, and line workers. Our programs are designed to cover the topics required by law, courses to keep employees safe at work as well as topics that will help your people excel, advance, and become leaders in your workplace. Our live programs are presented with the student in mind; the instructor is an experienced presenter combining fun, a passion for the topics, and an understanding of how people learn.

  • Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessments
  • Commercial Training
  • Security Consulting
  • Emergency Simulation Training
A+ Technology provides emergency communications options

Emergency Communications

In the event of an emergency or a security threat, the ability to interact directly with law enforcement and first responders is paramount. TIME = LIFE. A+ Technology & Security Solutions provides schools and businesses with an IoT Management Platform that can prioritize things like panic buttons and lockdown initiations while pushing live video from the surveillance cameras in closest proximity to the triggered event directly to police and first responders.

The ability to communicate with people in your school or organization is critically important, especially in emergency situations. Public address systems help keep your environment safe with Mass Notification capability in real-time. You can also create live, ad-hoc, or pre-recorded audio broadcasts for planned event notifications and administer broadcasts via a secure Web interface or IP phone.

  • Unlimited Bell Schedules
  • Unlimited Time Events
  • Emergency Tones
  • Automatic Volume Increase for Emergency Paging
  • Live or Pre-recorded Audio Messages
  • Hands-free Talkback in Classrooms
A+ Technology - HALO Smart Sensor

HALO Smart Sensor

Capture comprehensive health & safety awareness for your building with HALO Smart Sensor, our multi-functional health, safety, and vape detection device.

HALO is a key component in the solution to providing a low-risk environment by monitoring Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Particulate concentrations, Humidity, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in the air. This multi-sensor is capable of vape detection, smoke detection, THC detection, and sound abnormalities like gunshots and shouting in areas a camera cannot be placed. HALO delivers safe, healthy, and comfortable environments that keep all personnel safe while saving money by efficiently running the HVAC system.

Our Sensors include: Health Index, Air Quality Index, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Humidity, Temperature, TVOC, Particulates, Help (Spoken Key Word), Gunshot, Aggression, Light Level, Tamper, THC, Vape, Vape Masking

  • The only Vape Detector that detects THC oil.
  • Receive automated reports
  • Real-time air quality
  • Advanced sensor technology and analytics to reduce false reporting
  • Easy to navigate HALO Cloud Dashboard
A+ Technology provides intercom and visitor management options

Intercoms & Visitor Management

Intercoms are available with audio only, or audio and video; this enables personnel to assess the demeanor of visitors and confirm their identity before allowing them to enter a building or protected area. New intercom solutions even offer the option to transmit video from the intercom system to the facility’s video management systems, allowing a recording to be made of the entire interaction.

  • Secure your entrances
  • Access can be easily granted with the push of a button
  • Often serves as the first point of visitor screening, allowing denial of access to suspicious individuals
  • Allows flexibility to lock entrances yet provides easy, convenient access to authorized visitors
  • Video intercom systems can be used in conjunction with a locked vestibule for added security at sensitive facilities

Lockdown & Emergency Response System

Active shooter situations are a horrible daily threat in our society. Schools, places of worship, grocery stores, hospitals, malls, movie theaters, and bars have all been targeted. Sentry ERS is the most effective way to protect children, staff, and first responders from death and injury during active shooter and other incidents. 

Each Sentry ERS consists of two devices, a base unit with a lockdown button that can initiate lockdown protocols for the entire facility, and a dedicated mobile smartphone. Each piece has the capability to broadcast a live video stream and communicate with first responders, providing all the latest real-time information at the scene.

A+ Technology - ViewScan

Metal & Weapons Detection

With ViewScan 2.0, all non-ferrous weaponry and items, including cell phones, can be detected whether they are concealed in the body or inside belongings. Cell phone detection is critically important for facilities trying to prevent communications and photography of valuable information and infrastructure.

ViewScan 2.0 comes with all-new features and updates, such as an updated browser, an optional mobile trolley, an improved camera, enhanced cybersecurity and reporting, as well as additional capabilities for 3rd party integration. What differentiates ViewScan from other concealed weapons detection systems is that it detects disturbances in the earth’s electromagnetic field without emitting radiation or affecting medical devices, making it a safe passive system for all who walk through it.

  • Does not emit radiation. Safe for all including those with medical devices or who may be pregnant.
  • Monitor unit from any PC on the network and integrate with Security Management Systems.
  • Reduce the need for pat-downs. View the exact location of objects on a person in the image snapshot.
  • Record user readings, flag daily anomalies, and review data from previous scans.
  • Scan all visitors entering or exiting quickly, eliminate lost employee productivity, and improve the screening experience.
  • Avoids detection of all non-ferrous metals like gold and silver while identifying all ferrous metallic objects.
A+ Technology provides panic button and lockdown system options

Panic/Lock Down System

When an emergency or security event occurs, the ability to communicate directly with security personnel, law enforcement, and first responders is essential for public safety. A+ Technology & Security Solutions provide a variety of panic alert systems that interact directly with its Global Fusion Center—a state-of-the-art command center located in its 1,800 square foot facility in Bay Shore, NY. Staffed by highly trained security professionals, A+ can monitor panic alerts and respond accordingly with on-site security personnel, law enforcement, and first responders providing real-time information to help improve situational awareness. 

Smart Lockers

 Smart and Safe Locker Systems offer students the convenience they need to make the locker systems a benefit to our students instead of becoming a nuisance between classes. Smart and Safe Locker Systems also bring many benefits to Administration by giving access control back to the school with global one button control, and all the reporting functionality that you expect from a system that we utilize in todays environment.

  • Access via ID card, key fob, or optional cell phone.

  • Lockers are practically never 100% occupied, with this system, you can reduce the total number of lockers in the building.

  • With one touch, the administration can lock down all lockers in case of an emergency or threat.

  • Students can access a different locker at different times, increasing overall locker use and reducing the amount they carry into class.

  • No more fumbling with combination locks between periods and causing delays.

  • Administration can set who has access and when they have access.

  • The administration will learn which lockers are used the most, which areas of the building are accessed the least, and everything in between.

A+ Technology - VuroAI Smart Video Telematics

Smart Video Telematics

Drivers are monitored by our AI-powered detection algorithms. Dangerous behaviors like drowsiness, distraction, cellphone usage, harsh acceleration and harsh deceleration will trigger alerts to both the driver and the fleet manager in real-time. The dual HD cameras capture every second of both road and in-cabin scenes. When incidents happen, the video footage will be saved automatically to the cloud, reconstruct the accidents and provide evidence.

  • Protect drivers and assets
  • Cut insurance costs
A+ Technology - Threat Vulnerability And Risk Assessments

Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessments (TVRA)

An effective Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (TVRA) is the first step in developing a valuable facility security program. We begin with developing an understanding of your culture; preservation of that ethos fused with an understanding of safety and security, can produce a more secure environment without significant disruption. The TVRA identifies the security risks an organization faces and ensures that a physical security program is designed to combat those risks. Effective security starts with clear understanding of your vulnerabilities. We can help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses in a wide variety of scenarios and give your organization the roadmap it needs.

  • Assess the existing security protection in terms of countering the identified security risks.
  • Evaluate identified threats and establish the level of risk, the likelihood of an adverse event, and its resulting impact.
  • Provide gap analysis to isolate areas where your security program does not meet industry best practices.
  • Recommend risk control strategies to mitigate identified security risks to an acceptable level at an acceptable cost.
A+ Technology - Video Management

Video Management & Analytics

Video Surveillance Management Systems integrate with a wide range of security solutions to further enhance your system’s power and effectiveness. Critical not only for live viewing and monitoring, but also for its forensic capabilities to help law enforcement identify perpetrators after a crime has been committed; they significantly reduce crime and potential security threats.  Our video analytics solutions integrate with your Video Management Software (VMS) to immediately alert your team when potential security breaches have been captured by surveillance video. These tools improve the effectiveness of monitoring by security personnel by allowing them to focus on suspicious activities more quickly.

  • Access your cameras from anywhere using a standard Web browser, and have access to tools to monitor and record with IP video management software
  • You can set up different levels of access for various personnel and allow monitoring at multiple locations
  • Critical aids when police are responding to emergency events and assessing situations before walking into them
  • Video management systems are scalable to grow with your changing needs
  • Hybrid options allow you to combine the use of new IP cameras along with older, analog cameras connected to IP encoders to perform side-by-side as part of the same network 
A+ Technology - Virtual Guarding

Virtual Guarding

Virtual Guarding utilizes existing core competencies and shifts security from a reactive to a proactive protocol, which deters crime at a fraction of the cost of traditional guarding. Virtual Guarding provides a modern physical security platform by integrating video surveillance, access control, and sensor technology with the human intelligence of licensed security officers. The combination of state-of-the-art monitoring technology with fully trained and licensed security guards ensures faster response times at a lower cost! Many organizations are experiencing success in stopping unwanted trespassing with 24/7/365 always-on Virtual Guarding, all while saving money on their budget.

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Safer – no physical contact
  • Deter crime & trespassers proactively
  • 24/7 security monitoring and support
  • Immediate response and enhanced security

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