A+ Technology & Security Solutions is the go-to resource for education institutions with solutions designed to make schools smarter & safer. With a proven track record of success, A+ helps schools to identify risks and implement the right solutions with easy procurement utilizing numerous purchasing contracts.

We're Experts in Campus Safety & Security

Since its humble beginnings, A+ Technology & Security Solutions has provided K-12 schools with cutting-edge technology designed to meet their specific challenges, and in the mid-90s became a pioneer in providing security solutions to schools.

Many colleges and universities look to us to provide solutions that can support their entire campus. We provide enterprise-class systems that support the unique challenges of an entire campus environment. For example, we work with The NYS Dormitory Authority to provide visitor management solutions in dorms and campus buildings across their entire facility. Together, with university police and security personnel, we protect people and property.

A+ is one of the largest providers of IP surveillance to schools in the greater NY area, and is recognized nationally as a leader and expert in school safety and security.

We know schools. We understand the unique security challenges that they face. We have tailor-made, cost-effective solutions designed to meet the individual needs of schools, preparing them for the future.

“The great thing about working with a vendor like A+, that holds a state contract, is that the state has already vetted the vendor for you, so you know that they’re reliable. It also saves time that would need to be spent putting out RFPs.”

Patrick Bellino

Director of Operations, Technology & Transportation, Putnam Valley Central School District

A+ Technology - Putnam Valley School District

We're Here to Help You Leverage State & Federal Grants

PEPPM is the premier technology product procurement site for schools, libraries, government, and other eligible non-profit agencies. Purchase any of our solutions through PEPPM and you’ll be guaranteed a highly competitive price while avoiding the hassles of the bidding process.

Even if your state doesn’t have its own PEPPM contact, chances are high that you’re entitled to participate in cooperative purchasing through another state that does. Visit the PEPPM site for more information.

We Put State Contracts to Work For You

A+ helps schools manage resources, reduce operating costs, accelerate learning, and protect people and property.

Securing Our Schools - Security Best Practices

We provide a piece of simple, no-nonsense information that school districts and security decision-makers need to put protective measures in place.

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