"Thank you for the service provided by your team at Harrison Meadows Country Club. Your technician did an excellent job working with me on camera positioning to get the best angles for what we were looking for. The camera system has already come in handy in the opening days by finding lost property, checking guest areas, and in general helping me get more eyes on the facility. I would recommend A+ Technology to any gold facilities that need well-placed cameras throughout the indoor and outdoor areas."
A+ Technology - Harrison Meadows Country Club
Patrick Wynn
General Manager, Harrison Meadows Country Club
“I applaud the work performed by your employees Paul, Jason, Lee, Brian, and Kevin for the first two jobs performed at the Water Authority. I am very impressed and satisfied with not only the end result, but their professionalism, courtesy, and work ethic during the job. I’ve been in the IT industry for 30 years; it’s been a long time since I’ve encountered such from an outside vendor.”
A+ Technology - Suffolk County Water Authority
Dennis Moore
Network Manager, Suffolk County Water Authority
“We are very fortunate to have an open line of communication to A+ Technology. They support us in all our needs, lend expertise and we work with them in understanding the potential of new products. A+ Technology helped us initially with servers and a camera system.”
A+ Technology - Stony Brook
Lawrence M. Zacarese
Assistant Chief of Police and Director of the Office of Emergency Management, Stony Brook University
“The great thing about working with a vendor like A+, that holds a state contract, is that the state has already vetted the vendor for you, so you know that they’re reliable. It also saves time that would need to be spent putting out RFPs.”
A+ Technology - Putnam Valley School District
Patrick Bellino
Director of Operations, Technology & Transportation, Putnam Valley Central School District
“The City of Bridgeport put its trust in A+ Technology & Security, and they did not disappoint. James Adikes, Michelle Cimetta, and David Antar, together with their entire team and technology partners, have set a new standard of security for the City of Bridgeport.”
A+ Technology - Bridgeport
Jorge Garcia
Director of Facilities, City of Bridgeport, CT
"A+ Technology and Security has provided outstanding service and support to the operations of the Newtown Police Department in the building of our new police facility. During my 35 year career in law enforcement, I have had the opportunity to work with A+ while employed with the Bridgeport Police Department, and in my current position as Chief of Police of the Newtown Police Department. Their attention to detail and customer service is exemplary and a testament to the highly skilled technicians employees working for the organization."
A+ Technology - Newtown Police
Chief J. Viadero
Newtown Police Department
“There’s such a vast difference in brightness and clarity between the network cameras A+ Technology & Security Solutions installed and the analog cameras we use elsewhere throughout the hospital. Even at night, we can identify the driver and see if the car has an employee sticker.”
A+ Technology - Good Samaritan Hospital
Bill Fagan
Director of Security, Good Samaritan Hospital, West Islip, NY
“I continue to be impressed with how quickly and efficiently the techs handle any issues that arise.”
A+ Technology - Jefferson School
Jefferson Central School District
“A+ provides competitive pricing, delivers on time and is responsive to all our needs.”
A+ Technology - Hofstra
Tom Vogel
Assistant Director of Security Systems, Hofstra University
"Surviving an Active Shooter and Securing Your Site for Modern Threats in Places of Worship, presented by Joseph Pangaro, was an invaluable presentation illustrating and emphasizing the importance of procedures, standards and rehearsals. The presentation helped me identify weaknesses in my facility security program and provided solutions and examples for risk mitigation.

Although this course was presented to security leads and representatives of various facilities, this course would be extremely beneficial for everyone in the workplace. I think this will help create a common operating picture in regards to security. I plan to pursue and coordinate either this exact lecture with Joe, or something very similar for my entire facility."
A+ Technology - SYJCC
Ricky Dumlao
Director, Facility & Maintenance, Suffolk Y JCC
“A great response to our troubles with the cameras. Support team was very helpful. Thanks!"
A+ Technology - Boar's Head
Boar's Head

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