Customers Experience the Future by Visiting Facility as a Robot

July 14, 2015 – Bay Shore, NY: A+ Technology & Security Solutions, a leading system integrator specializing in the convergence of physical security, advanced IT and audio/video solutions, is expanding its customer base by bringing in prospects from remote locations through the use of a telepresence robot. Customers can log in using a standard web browser and computer equipped with web cam, microphone, and mouse or keyboard, allowing their life-size faces to appear on a 5-foot tall robot at A+ headquarters. Visitors can then maneuver throughout the A+ Technology facility via the moving robot.

The use of the robot enables customers to have an experience incredibly similar to being physically present, allowing the A+ Technology sales team to tangibly demonstrate all of the solutions they offer. Because the robot visits make it easy for customers to visit from a wider geographic region, A+ Tech expects this new program to be instrumental in expanding its reach, particularly in New Jersey, Connecticut and upstate New York.

Director of Sales, Peter Noonan, explained, “The robot tour has been an unbelievable success because it is engaging and fun for potential clients and the tech-savvy curious. These virtual tours clearly show A+ as a different kind of company with extremely unique and cutting-edge technology.”

Virtual visits are a new way to “physically experience” all that A+ Technology and Security Solutions provides. Sign up to schedule a virtual visit here!

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