LIBN: Weighing the Strengths, Limits of Campus Security

Stony Brook University cannot be locked down.

“The entire campus? 250 buildings and a hospital? Impossible,” said Lawrence M. Zacarese, Stony Brook University’s Assistant Chief of Police. “I have a city of 60,000 people. There’s literally hundreds of thousands of doors on campus.’

Instead, Zacarese said campus police attempt to isolate, or “segment” the students exposed to a threat and attempting to keep them from harm.

It was one of many revelations that emerged from a school safety conference sponsored by the Long Island-based security firm, A+ Technologies. The event, held at the Marriott in Melville, featured a panel discussion by experts in education, security, and law enforcement. The panelists spoke about their experience, potential solutions and answered questions from an audience of about 75 people, co-hosted by LIBN.

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