Protect More, Spend Less

The cost of security guards for properties has gone up tremendously throughout the years. With the rising cost of minimum wage for security personnel, companies and organizations have looked to other options for guarding their properties. A remote security service such as Virtual Guarding utilizes the manpower and attributes of physical security guards, with the 24/7 security capabilities and all-eyes approach using virtual security technology. With Virtual Guarding, you receive more guarding for less.

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What is Virtual Guarding?

Virtual Guarding, formed through a partnership with A+ Technology & Security and Maximum Security, gives you peace-of-mind knowing you have constant 24/7 security, at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you have all eyes on your business with a virtual security team remotely monitoring your property. Your facility receives 360 degrees of security with advanced features such as immediate live audio trespasser deterrents, remote door monitoring for unsecured entrances and exits, as well as the hybrid use of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. These virtual security guards are stationed at our Global Fusion Center live monitoring your property. If immediate assistance is needed, our highly trained remote security guards address events by utilizing two-way communication, by dispatching an on-site guard, or by dispatching local law enforcement authorities. Emergency applications can also be applied for communication via smart phones to any employee or resident. With Virtual Guarding, we guard more, you spend less.

Who We Are

A+ Technology & Security Solutions brings with them a proven track record of security success for over 30 years. With clients from all different industries – K-12 schools, Higher Education, Healthcare, and Municipalities to name a few – A+ has the experience needed to ensure you get the best security solutions for the needs of your business or organization. With an 18,000 square foot headquarters in Bay Shore, New York, A+ has established themselves as the premier security technology provider for New York, Long Island, the Tri-State area, and beyond.

Maximum Security was founded in 2002 and is backed by years of law enforcement and security experience. Essentially, Maximum Security has re-invented security for a wide variety of industries such as HOA security, gated community security, security for car dealerships, commercial building security, and many more. The company has grown tremendously over the years through word-of-mouth from their wide client-base, which is something that they take with great pride. With this growth, they have been able to serve their clients to the best degree, while also putting an emphasis on direct client engagement.

With the expertise, technology, and mindset of both companies, Virtual Guarding provided by A+ Technology & Security Solutions and Maximum Security provides your business with the best remote technology solutions, backed by extensive support and peace-of-mind knowing your facility is utilizing 24/7 monitoring by top professionals.

How it Works

Step 1

Cameras Detect

Cameras stream within seconds using AI to detect potential threats.


Step 2

Guards Analyze

Remote guards can respond to potential threats instantly using customized SOP’s.

5-20 Seconds

Step 3

Rapid Response

Remote guards engage potential criminals wit two-way audio.

10-30 Seconds

Step 4

Escalate as Needed

On-site guards or law enforcement are dispatched.


• Reduced operational costs

• Safer – no physical contact

• 24/7 security monitoring and support

• Deter crime & trespassers proactively

• Immediate response

• Enhanced security

Markets We Serve


Commercial Buildings

HOAs, Condos, & Co-Ops

Manufacturing Facilities






  • Event-Driven Video Monitoring
  • Facility Monitoring
  • Monitored Access Control
  • Two-Way Communications
  • Remote Door Monitoring
  • Virtual Gatehouse
  • Intrusion & Fire Monitoring
  • Smart City Crime Prevention
  • Virtual Attendant Services
  • Live Audio Speaker Deterrents


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