Concealed Weapons Detection and Loss Prevention System

Completely Passive System

Does not emit radiation. Safe for all including those with medical devices or may be pregnant.

Image & Data Archiving

Record user readings, flag daily anomalies and review data from previous scans.

Browser Based User Interface

Monitor unit from any PC on the network and integrate with Security Management Systems.

Speedy Throughput

Scan all visitors entering or exiting quickly, eliminate lost employee productivity, and improve screening experience.

Pinpoint Location of Each Object

Reduce the need for pat-downs. View the exact location of objects on a person in the image snapshot.

Avoids Precious Metals

Avoids detection of all non-ferrous metals like gold and silver while identifying all ferrous metallic objects.




Internal Detection


High Accuracy


Ease of Use


Unobtrusive Profile


Speedy Screening

Additional Features

  • Adjustable audible alarm
  • Easily movable
  • Dark Mode display available as an option
  • Capable of monitoring more than one unit from the same interface
  • E-mail alerts including image
  • Multiple user access levels
  • Meets California IoT Security Civil Code Section 1798.91.04
  • Laptop computer included
  • Camera can be mounted to unit or on the wall
  • Optional Accessories:
    • Travel Case
    • Trolley
    • Battery (8 or 16 hours)

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