Threat Vulnerability &
Risk Assessments (TVRA)

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Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessments (TVRA) is the 1st step in developing an effective facility security program. A properly conducted TVRA provides a solid defensible foundation from which to develop a physical security program at any site, facility, or location. The TVRA identifies the security risk an organization or school faces and ensures that the physical security program is designed to properly address those risks. The TVRA findings provide a road map that can be used to refine or develop a properly integrated physical security program.  

Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your risks and vulnerabilities. An effective TVRA will help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses in a wide variety of scenarios

  • Assess the existing security protection in terms of countering the identified security risks.
  • Evaluating identified threats and establish the level of risk, the likelihood of an adverse event, and its resulting impact.
  • Provide gap analysis to isolate areas where your security program does not meet industry best practices.
  • Recommend risk control strategies to mitigate identified security risks to an acceptable level at an acceptable cost.

A TVRA includes at least one on-site visit depending on the size of the facility, with a physical assessment of the building on the property (arrival and departure of employees and/or students is also done). Interviews are conducted with staff including the facility managers. Each building receives a written proposal as well as recommendations with a timetable and priorities. Also included is a meeting with the appropriate staff to review recommendations.

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