Supply Chain, Remote Work & Digital Transformation

Enterprise access control looks a lot different now than it did three years ago. Supply chain disruptions and increased costs have made it difficult for integrators to meet their customers’ needs, and manufacturers are facing the same issues with their suppliers.

The good news? Technological advancements and outside-of-the-box thinking are leading the way to a new future for access control.

Supply Chain Woes
When asked about bottlenecks for large access control projects, integrators unanimously lament supply chain issues.

Jeff Sweeney, general manager of A+ Technology and Security Solutions, Bay Shore, N.Y., puts it simply: “Availability of Mercury panels, power supplies and credentials are the largest issue with starting new projects in a timely way and keeping existing customers from failure or running out of credentials at the last minute.”

What’s behind the shortage of these crucial components? Shortage of microchips, for one thing. “There are essentially three major sectors of microprocessor chips users in North America: consumer electronics, automotive and ‘other;’ access control technology falls within the ‘other’ sector,” explains Tony Varco, vice president, global strategy and marketing at Convergint, Schaumburg, Ill. “Consumer electronics and automotive sectors are consistently prioritized over access control when it comes to gaining access to microprocessor chip supply.”

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