LI schools shift back to bolstering security as pandemic worries ease

As Long Island schools make their journey from pandemic to normalcy, they are once again sharpening their focus on two disparate but major security challenges — minimizing the threat of school shootings and cyberattacks.

Numerous Island school districts are undertaking significant security projects, some of which had been delayed or postponed as COVID-19 forced them to pivot to issues such as remote learning, masking, contact tracing and other measures to stem the spread of the virus.

Many of those virus concerns have abated, at least for now, leaving room for educators to return to security concerns that remain a priority. Current projects include constructing security booths at school entrances, installing and upgrading surveillance cameras, replacing classroom doors and their locking mechanisms, and improving communication with local police. 

Glen Cove, for instance, included $2.2 million for security measures in the $30.5 million bond vote that passed Dec. 6, including replacing classroom and hallway doors across the district with automatic locking doors. 

In addition, the PA system in the high school also will be replaced, so teachers can more quickly communicate with the main office.

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