A+ Technology & Security Solutions Hosts Free Safety Seminar for Places of Worship

In light of the many recent attacks on religious communities and places of worship, A+ Technology & Security teamed up with our partner, True Security Design, to offer a free safety seminar on January 9th open to all religious organizations. The seminar tied together both the human and technology components of today’s modern threats to teach attendees how to fully plan and prepare their communities. The name of the course was Surviving the Active Shooter and Securing Your Site for Modern Threats.

This course, taught by True Security Design’s Director of Training Services, Joe Pangaro, focused on planning for today’s modern threats that affect religious communities and places of worship. It featured various active shooter drills and training techniques. Throughout the course, students learned to recognize a potential crisis which can lead to effective action and prevention. Attendees were also taught tactics to diffuse and resolve a crisis situation effectively. In addition, an education on the identification of which security technology fits your place of worship best was provided. A+ Technology & Security and True Security Design plan to provide additional courses like this one to the local community in the future. We truly believe that by giving our neighborhood the information and tools they need, lives will be saved.

“Surviving an Active Shooter and Securing your Site for Modern Threats in Places of Worship, presented by Joseph Pangaro, was an invaluable presentation illustrating and emphasizing the importance of procedures, standards and rehearsals. The presentation helped me identify weaknesses in my facility security program and provided solutions and examples for risk mitigation. Although this course was presented to security leads and representatives of various facilities, this course would be extremely beneficial for everyone in the workplace. I think this will help create a common operating picture in regards to security. I plan to pursue and coordinate either this exact lecture with Joe, or something very similar for my entire facility.”

“We attended the A+ Technology & Security Safety Seminar active shooter seminar given by Joe Pangaro in 2019 and it couldn’t be more informative. The procedures they taught us were helpful and received positively by our building when we shared what we learned. We certainly will be putting these ideas into action ASAP and would definitely attend a future seminar. Thank you for having us.”

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