Video Management

The Foundation of Any Comprehensive Security System

Video Surveillance Management Systems integrate with a wide range of security solutions to further enhance your system’s power and effectiveness. Critical not only for live viewing and monitoring, but also for its forensic capabilities to help law enforcement identify perpetrators after a crime has been committed; they significantly reduce crime and potential security threats.  
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Key Benefits

  • Access your cameras from anywhere using a standard Web browser, and have access to tools to monitor and record with IP video management software
  • You can set up different levels of access for various personnel and allow monitoring at multiple locations
  • Critical aids when police are responding to emergency events and assessing situations before walking into them
  • Video management systems are scalable to grow with your changing needs
  • Hybrid options allow you to combine the use of new IP cameras along with older, analog cameras connected to IP encoders to perform side-by-side as part of the same network 

Open Platform Means
Open Options

Many, but not all, VMS Systems give you wide flexibility.
Today’s video management systems are often “open platform,” meaning they can operate with hardware and software from a wide range of manufacturers that follow industry-wide development standards. A+ Technology offers video management solutions that work with thousands of cameras and many different access control and video analytics products. By avoiding proprietary VMS or DVR systems, A+ customers benefit from unrestricted flexibility and the ability to affordably scale over time.

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