Video Analytics

Our Software Solutions Make the Monitoring Process More Efficient

Our video analytics solutions integrate with your Video Management Software (VMS) to immediately alert your team when potential security breaches have been captured by surveillance video. These tools improve the effectiveness of monitoring by security personnel by allowing them to focus on suspicious activities more quickly.
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Key Benefits

  • Video analytics allow more cameras to be live-monitored by fewer personnel, as a suspicious surveillance video is automatically highlighted and brought to the viewer’s attention
  • Different analytics filters can be programmed to detect a range of conditions, including a person entering an unauthorized area, a vehicle parked where it shouldn’t be, objects left unattended on platforms, and overcrowding in defined areas.
  • A record of triggered video analytic events allows system administrators to quickly cue up and view corresponding video 
  • Video analytics integrate with a wide range of video management software solutions

Video Analytics Examine Video Streams Recorded on Surveillance Systems

Aid in Real-time Detection & Response to Security Threats
A+ can set filters and parameters to show you exactly what you need to see when you need to see it; from a package being left behind suspiciously, to capturing if something is moving across a secured location, to crowd monitoring, wrong way movement on escalators or in parking garages, and more.

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