IP Cameras

Leverage the Many Advantages
of IP over Analog

More and more video surveillance solutions are being achieved using high-res, digital IP cameras, and leveraging IP-based technologies. IP cameras transmit their video directly over a network, providing tremendous flexibility in how the video is viewed, recorded, and archived. In addition, the cameras can be easily setup and configured from a standard Web browser.

Key Benefits
  • Megapixel IP cameras deliver over one million pixels of resolution, allowing the ability to zoom into recorded video with limited image pixilation. Say goodbye to grainy CCTV footage!
  • High megapixel IP cameras can effectively cover wider areas than their analog counterparts, so fewer cameras are necessary to cover the same space
  • Most IP cameras offer Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, which means the camera receives its power over the Ethernet connection and does not require a separate power supply. This results in savings—both in installation costs and energy consumption
  • Superior Wide Dynamic Range IP cameras perform in even the most challenging lighting conditions, such as when capturing backlit windows or doorways
  • The wide screen aspect ratios of IP cameras provide more "live" area where action is most likely happening
  • Depending on the video management system in use, video from IP cameras can be viewed from anywhere, including smartphones and tablets
Scalable and Fully Upgradeable

Add Cameras as Needed to Be Most Cost-Effective
IP cameras connect to a network and the data is collected from there by the Network Video Recorder (NVR) using software. Because there's not a direct connection between the NVR and the cameras, the need to buy more recorders is often decreased and the ability to add more cameras is increased.

Already Invested in Analog Cameras? Let IP Encoders Work Their Magic!
IP encoders allow video management system users to bring analog cameras into their network to operate side-by-side with their IP cameras. Encoders compress the analog video feed and make it available over the IP network, although the video won't be of the same high image quality as that of an IP camera.

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