Command & Fusion Centers

Monitor Your Security Responses
from a Unified Command Console

Employing construction expertise and fusion driven software, A+ can bring all your security systems into a single, centralized, command center. Keep tabs on all systems' status and manage emergency situations from professionally designed consoles and/or video walls.

Key Benefits
  • Employing a video management system (VMS) and physical security information management (PSIM) technology solutions, Command and Fusion Centers deliver fully integrated visual verification and security monitoring solutions either on-site or as an affordable cloud-based hosted service
  • Monitor a large network of cameras, access control, and various security sub-systems with all relevant data clearly presented to facilitate an immediate and appropriate response to critical incidents
  • Intelligently manage the integrated flow of information for future analysis, if needed
  • Command and Fusion Centers enable information-sharing between users and federal, state, and local agencies to assist in responding to security events in times of urgency
  • As an added benefit, A+ also offers monitoring of your command center as a hosted service
  • Building management enhancements can be added to monitor temperatures and humidity to ensure safe operations and protect property
Manage and Monitor Older
Systems Simultaneously

Migrate Easily Between Technologies
Command and Fusion Centers allow for the easy migration from one manufacturer to another. Monitoring of an older building that is using an older system alongside a newer one—using a different, more advanced system—is easily achieved, as the center allows you to move seamlessly from one technology to another.

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