IP Cameras

Leverage the Many Advantages of IP over Analog

More and more video surveillance solutions are being achieved using high-res, digital IP cameras, and leveraging IP-based technologies. IP cameras transmit their video directly over a network, providing tremendous flexibility in how the video is viewed, recorded, and archived. In addition, the cameras can be easily setup and configured from a standard web browser.  
security camera
security camera

Key Benefits

  • Megapixel IP cameras deliver over one million pixels of resolution, allowing the ability to zoom into recorded video with limited image pixilation. Say goodbye to grainy CCTV footage!
  • High megapixel IP cameras can effectively cover wider areas than their analog counterparts, so fewer cameras are necessary to over the same space.
  • Most IP cameras offer Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, which means the camera receives its power over the Ethernet connection and does not require a separate power supply. This results in saving–both in installation costs and energy consumption
  • Superior Wide Dynamic Range IP cameras preform in even the most challenging lighting conditions, such as when capturing backlit windows or doorways
  • The wide screen aspect ratios of IP cameras provide more “live” area where action is most likely happening
  • Depending on the video management system in use, video from IP cameras can be viewed from anywhere, including smartphones and tablets.

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