K-12 Schools

A+ Technology & Security Solutions is the go-to resource for NY schools in the planning process so that they can apply to receive funding for technologies that we can deliver.

We've Been at the Head of the Class for a Long Time

Since its humble beginnings, A+ Technology & Security Solutions has provided K-12 schools with cutting-edge technology designed to meet their specific challenges, and in the mid-90s became a pioneer in providing security solutions to schools. A+ is one of the largest providers of IP surveillance to schools in the greater NY area, and is recognized nationally as a leader and expert in school safety and security.

We know schools. We understand the unique security challenges that K-12 schools face. We have tailor-made, cost-effective solutions designed to meet the individual needs of K-12 schools, preparing them for the future.

We're Here to Help You Leverage the Smart School Bond Act

The NY State Smart School Bond Act 2014 was voted into law, allowing the state Comptroller to issue and sell bonds up to the amount of $2 billion. The revenue received from the sale will be used specifically for projects related to the purchasing of educational technology, equipment, and facilities; this includes interactive whiteboards, computer servers, desktop and laptop computers, tablets, high speed broadband, as well as high-tech security technology in school buildings.

Securing Our Schools - Security Best Practices

This guide to school security provides the simple, no-nonsense information that school districts and security decision makers need to put protective measures in place. Download a PDF here or contact us to request a printed copy.

We Put State Contracts to Work For You

A+ helps schools manage resources, reduce operating costs, accelerate learning, and protect people and property. We hold extensive state purchasing contracts—including the NYS OGS and PEPPM—which provide a means for easy procurement, guaranteeing schools the most competitive pricing available.

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